Our New Collection

Timeless. Elegant. Fun. Fashionable. 

Our new colours have arrived just in time for the fall season! No need to endure all the cold, wet, unpredictable weather that Autumn has to offer. Now you can enjoy it! Our full-length, lightweight, waterproof raincoats will help you brave the elements with ease and look fabulous in the process. Whether it's a light drizzle, torrential downpour, or just a grey foggy day, you'll feel confident in a mernini raincoat! 

We are excited to offer you 4 new colours: 

Introducing our black beauty raincoat - a black staple that goes well with pretty much anything! Pair it with a heel, a sneaker, or your favourite rubber boots. Seriously, it's that versatile! 

The chive green will make you look elegant and stylish. This is a statement piece for sure, whether you're wearing it open or closed, or as a tight fit or oversized style. With the hint of chive, this colour just screams high fashion and personality.

The elegant merlot red is perfect for dressing up or down. This is turning out to be a popular colour this season. It gives you that visibility without being dated and overbearing. Even better, it'll take you through multiple seasons without going out of style.

The striking peony blue will add a pop of colour to your day! It doesn't just cover your outfit, it becomes a part of your outfit. Trust us, in this colour you will be stopped and asked where you purchased this great find. It turns heads!

Don't forget our mernini in caramel. Wow, this one has certainly made its mark! We had to bring this one back in stock due to popular demand. This colour is bold, warm, and screams strength and confidence. Look stylish for that outdoor occasion or for just getting your daily to do list done. Every strong woman deserves a strong raincoat! 

          Still raining? 

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